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  • The Meaning of the Moussem

    This is to present an introduction to the Habibiyya-Alawiyya-Darqawiyya Moussem of the Qadiriyya Tariqa. It takes place at Shaykh Motada Elboumashouli’s Zawiyya in Kelaat Mgouna in Morocco by the gracious guardianship of His Majesty King Muhammad VI. Shaykh Motada is now the head of the Qadiriyya across the world. Camera & Edit by Ahmed Peerbux

  • World War II – The Bill Has Come In

    Emmanuel Kant wrote in his ‘Project for Perpetual Peace’, “One must not allow in a war that the hostilities should be of such a nature as to make impossible a reciprocal trust once it becomes a question of peace.” The Second World War was uniquely activated by the political class. Each leading country claimed its […]

  • France and the Rational

    Some have expressed confusion over my approaching the French moral crisis using mythology and metaphor. Ezra Pound ironically voices that view in Canto 87 when he says: ‘Remove the mythologies before they establish clean values.’ Pressed for a political stance – I have reflected further. Firstly, the situation. That is, a tiny near-bankrupt satirical magazine […]

  • France and the Irrational

    When the news came of the ugly assassination of the poor low-life caricaturists the first thing I did was turn off the television. The law of the state must be upheld and I knew that France with its superb state machinery could well restore order and punish the criminals. Two things left me uneasy. Firstly, […]