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  • Scotland’s Independence

    I have before me as I write a copy of ‘De Jure Regni apud Scotos’ the great liberating text of George Buchanan defending Scotland’s centuries long insistence that governance was dependent on its serving the needs of the people.

    Since that epoch monarchy, parliament and electorate have been irrecoverably transformed into now almost undefinable and utterly other entities.

    England has never been ruled by the English since ancient Britain when for a brief spell it was ruled by King Arthur, if indeed he existed. As Eric Linklater the renowned Scottish writer and historian pointed out England has always been a conquered country. It was conquered and ruled by Caesar and Roman Law. After that it was ruled by the Vikings and the Danelaw. It was then conquered by the Norman ruler, William who imposed on the country its enduring social structure, law and architecture. From them .... Read the full article...

  • Imran Khan – Ball Tampering Again!

    Imran Khan is that comic political figure – the man who never learns.

    He married the daughter of a mad jewish billionaire thus his son is, in judaic law, a jew. There goes the inheritance!

    During the election he climbed too high to show himself to the masses, fell crashing to earth, and was rushed to hospital. The victor, now prime minister immediately visited him. Khan acknowledged him as the new prime minister and vowed to work with him creatively in opposition. He has forgotten this. An ancient Roman Senator who fell to the ground from a too high platform would have seen this as a warning – if you climb too high you will fall.

    Now Khan has joined hands with Pakistan’s “Fetula Gulen,” newly imported from Washington with a mandate to destroy – Tahir Kadri. Imran Khan, a great Cricketer, nonetheless was accused .... Read the full article...

  • Israel’s Problem

    Furorne caecus, an rapit vis acrior, an culpa? Responsum date!

    Horace: Epodon VII. 13-14. Oxford.

    (Is it blind frenzy that hurries you along, or some stronger force, or is it guilt? Answer my question!)

    A strange phenomenon has emerged in the ancient Roman colony of the jews. The Israeli populace spread out across the ancient territory of their – or some of their – ancestors are being bombarded by thousands of rockets so ineffective that, despite the psychological strain, kill only a handful, while the whole might of the state is bombing the huddled masses of arabs packed together on the tiny Gaza strip. Daily houses are destroyed there by bomb and drone, women and children are torn to shreds with their men – almost two thousand dead. The Israelis on their side are disturbingly untouched by this massacre. Educated, middle class matrons on television express approval .... Read the full article...

  • Magna Carta and the End of the Political Class

    The worst result has occurred in the issue of the trial of the men accused of terrorism. The trial was ordered to be held in camera, that meant in private unwitnessed by citizens or media. The evidence and the summation withheld from the people. The excuse was ‘national security’ – as yet undefined even in the law justifying the principle. The laws destroying the great and up until then honoured foundation of British society was enacted under a Prime Minister now revealed as a mentally unstable psychopath. Worse than his madness was his slavish obedience to the financial masters of Britain since 1945, the U.S.A. The laws that dismantled the great defining document of civic freedom, the Magna Carta were direct copies of the set of laws by which America dismantled the legal framework of the Founding Fathers.

    At appeal the affair was decided by Lord Gross .... Read the full article...



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