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  • Israel’s Problem

    Furorne caecus, an rapit vis acrior, an culpa? Responsum date!

    Horace: Epodon VII. 13-14. Oxford.

    (Is it blind frenzy that hurries you along, or some stronger force, or is it guilt? Answer my question!)

    A strange phenomenon has emerged in the ancient Roman colony of the jews. The Israeli populace spread out across the ancient territory of their – or some of their – ancestors are being bombarded by thousands of rockets so ineffective that, despite the psychological strain, kill only a handful, while the whole might of the state is bombing the huddled masses of arabs packed together on the tiny Gaza strip. Daily houses are destroyed there by bomb and drone, women and children are torn to shreds with their men – almost two thousand dead. The Israelis on their side are disturbingly untouched by this massacre. Educated, middle class matrons on television express approval .... Read the full article...

  • Magna Carta and the End of the Political Class

    The worst result has occurred in the issue of the trial of the men accused of terrorism. The trial was ordered to be held in camera, that meant in private unwitnessed by citizens or media. The evidence and the summation withheld from the people. The excuse was ‘national security’ – as yet undefined even in the law justifying the principle. The laws destroying the great and up until then honoured foundation of British society was enacted under a Prime Minister now revealed as a mentally unstable psychopath. Worse than his madness was his slavish obedience to the financial masters of Britain since 1945, the U.S.A. The laws that dismantled the great defining document of civic freedom, the Magna Carta were direct copies of the set of laws by which America dismantled the legal framework of the Founding Fathers.

    At appeal the affair was decided by Lord Gross .... Read the full article...

  • Crown and Civil Society – The Crossroads

    In Britain a legal decision has been taken that represents an absolute severing of the most fundamental element in what has been our boast for eight hundred years. Again and again the governance of Britain has been called to account over centuries and tested in this matter. First monarchy, then parliament, and then in that wedding of crown and people that became the renowned compromise between monarchy and a two tiered parliament – one elected by the masses and the other a hereditary land-owning house of correction and honing of common law – which was to become a praised model across Europe. At the end of the twentieth century the unbalanced socialist premier put the final marker on the House of Lords, already fatally wounded by the decision to create life-peers chosen by government. Opposed by Lord Cranbourne, direct descendent of Queen Elizabeth I’s ruling family, the Cecils, .... Read the full article...

  • Putin’s Retreat from Reason

    The Russian dictator, Putin, who has maintained power by his open mockery of civic society, having manipulated mass election into a servant of dictatorship, now has attacked the heir to the British throne.

    In his bid to distract the Russian people from his failure to establish a just social order after the anarchy that followed communism’s dismal collapse, he has tried to awaken the Fantasy of Empire. Focussing attention on the frontier does not hide the truth that outside the great cities the millions are broken in poverty and violence. The behaviour and pronouncements of the dictator seem at every step to move further away from reality. He has forced his once excellent foreign minister to adopt positions that simply do not make sense.

    Now this former KGB below-stairs operative in his fantasy of leadership has informed the world that the Prince of Wales’ observations are .... Read the full article...



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