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  • Iraq – The Realistic View

    The abject and total collapse of the Iraqi state led to the slavish obedience of allies to attempt its rescue on behalf of its American leaders who already had abandoned the scene of their failure, their double failure – to establish a democracy and to secure its oil revenues. That America has succeeded in forcing men to die for this impossible scenario speaks not so much of men’s stupidity as it does of their financial dependence on the U.S. based capitalist order.

    The legend of barbaric and massacring rebels with a fantasy of statehood against the forces of western civilisation simply must not stand. It is not the dreadfulness of the Post-Saddami atheist military re-appearing as radical Muslim killers, that is to be diminished. What has to happen, in the name of reason, is the transversal of roles with America as the brutal destroyers and the Iraqi .... Read the full article...

  • Important Message from Shaykh Dr. Abdalqadir as-Sufi

    It is with some concern that news has come that His Majesty King Muhammad VI of Morocco has been taken ill as he prepared to leave for China. Greatly loved by his people we join with them in du’a to Allah the Generous, that he may recover.

  • The Interim is Mine is Now Available in China in Mandarin translation

  • States Psychotic – Corporations Despotic II: The Turkish Matter

    People informed me that in my list of collaborators with the U.S. Rescue Iraq Plan Turkey’s name was missing.

    I put the matter aside out of respect for my relations with the country, its Osmanli inheritors and its superior leadership in the hands of its statesman-President. Apart from my private warning to beware influential Ikhwanis around the throne I have stayed silent.

    My personal ties with the Tariqah of the blessed Shaykh Sami Effendi remain constant.

    On the matter of Iraq, therefore, I have been reluctant to speak.

    Turkey’s ties to NATO are part of the President’s inheritance, post-world-war-II. He could offer as a NATO-member, (paid up!) to close the Dardanelles which in one move would inactivate the annexed Crimea. Probably America would hate that, its allegiances being so contrary to its policies. In relation to Syria and Kurdistan deep historical issues rise to .... Read the full article...



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