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  • World War II – The Bill Has Come In

    Emmanuel Kant wrote in his ‘Project for Perpetual Peace’,

    “One must not allow in a war that the hostilities should be of such a nature as to make impossible a reciprocal trust once it becomes a question of peace.”

    The Second World War was uniquely activated by the political class. Each leading country claimed its governance through a mass franchise. On the face of it two dictators ruled and elsewhere democracy implied the people’s choice. In reality the political class dominated in every place in the same way. Universal franchise is a model designed for dictatorship. In Britain, Churchill told Lord Boothby,

    ‘It took Armageddon to make me Prime Minister, but now I am here, I am determined that power shall be in no other hands but mine.’

    The war in every nation concerned, consisted of the following:

    A leader-dictator A directing counsel chosen by the leader An obedient military high .... Read the full article...

  • France and the Rational

    Some have expressed confusion over my approaching the French moral crisis using mythology and metaphor.

    Ezra Pound ironically voices that view in Canto 87 when he says:

    ‘Remove the mythologies before they establish clean values.’

    Pressed for a political stance – I have reflected further. Firstly, the situation. That is, a tiny near-bankrupt satirical magazine surviving on mocking the founder of the last revealed religion, adhered to by billions of humans on the one hand and the great historical state of France and a founding pillar of European civilisation, on the other.

    When a man moves the piano to place it near the stool it is immediately clear that he is not a pianist but an idiot. The pianist would simply have moved the stool closer to the piano. The matter should have been solved without moving the piano – in this metaphor, the state of .... Read the full article...

  • France and the Irrational

    When the news came of the ugly assassination of the poor low-life caricaturists the first thing I did was turn off the television. The law of the state must be upheld and I knew that France with its superb state machinery could well restore order and punish the criminals. Two things left me uneasy. Firstly, the political class as elsewhere is a sorry bunch. I knew that far from dealing with the crisis they would find themselves led by it to some other issue. Secondly, I thought of Proust’s mother, a rightly active supporter of Dreyfus who in private, regretting his dismal character, sighed,

    ‘Il faut changer le victime!’

    The higher the rhetoric soared, the hotter the passions burned, the further and further did my beloved France drift from its historical role of remaining a force for liberty. I even had to turn off my iPhone. Nothing in .... Read the full article...

  • Навальный – Борьба за Свободу

    Шейх, д-р Абдуль-Кадыр ас-Суфи

    Борьба, которую ведут Алексей Навальный и его брат, касается всех просвещённых людей по всему миру. Инструменты правления, обозначаемые древними и почтенными именами – демократия, сенат, ассамблея – по всему миру были сведены к роли послушных машин новой тоталитарной власти финансов, что крушит их повсюду, где они становятся голосом свободы.

    Это стародавняя борьба, этот бой всё ещё не окончен.

    Все, кто любят свободу и тоскуют по ней должны, встать за сегодняшним отважным и прямым голосом против тирании – Алексеем Навальным.

    Взгляните на эти две картины и осознайте, что эта борьба не нова – эта борьба должна быть поддержана, когда она становится явной.

    Слева – гравировка, изображающая Руссо снаружи темницы Венсенского замка, ждущего, чтобы посетить заключённого Дидро.

    Справа – Алексей Навальный, посещающий своего брата Олега, заключённого маленьким диктатором Путиным в порабощённой России.

    Слева – гравировка, изображающая Руссо снаружи темницы Венсенского .... Read the full article...



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