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En Marche !

This is to introduce a brief documentary on the man that should become the next President of France. Do not worry if you feel you cannot handle the French language, in fact it is very easy to follow and the images are riveting. Macron has named his movement ‘En Marche !’ It is clear to everyone across the world that the same system has been placed upon them, but the political system dates back to just under a hundred years ago. What Macron is proposing is a complete renewal of French society. He is not doing it alone, but with his beautiful wife side by side. This is a matter of the most serious affair – a complete rethinking of the foundations of the state, which in one move is set free of its paralysis, thus overtaking the atrophied state of Germany. France is finally on the move – En Marche !

Emmanuel Macron la stratégie du météore – Documentaire France 3


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